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Capsular Contracture Surgery Video and Results

May 27, 2016

Journal Dump #077


One week after my implant replacement surgery due to capsular contracture.

I saw my doctor one week after surgery (Dr Upadhyaya) and with my list of concerns in hand, I asked:

QUESTION: How long I had to wear a sports bra, which is quite uncomfortable but that's because I haven't yet been to the store to get one that fits my larger size implants, and the incisions are in a lot of pain and are directly where the elastic band sits.

ANSWER: Sadly, he requested I keep it on for the next 4 weeks, but did say it could come off for comfort a little bit each day. 

QUESTION: I asked him why I only eat 900-1000 calories per day and walk the dog each day since surgery but gained 9 lbs.

ANSWER: The body has been through a lot of trama from surgery and will retain fluids - the weight will come off by itself soon. 

Capsular Contracture

QUESTION: I asked him what grade the capsular contracture was and he said

ANSWER: Grade IV. Which just re-affirms what was said right after surgery that this was the worst case he has seen. 

Below is the photo of the implants that he removed. The right breast is obviously in very bad shape and the dark parts are actually some of the muscle that he had to cut through to get the implant out.

In summary, I have a lot of bruising on the right side but its completely normal due to the amount of work on that side. Other than that, my vitals are great and I am healing well!  Great job Dr. Upadhyaya!



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