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Drains After a Mastectomy

JP Drains Shelly Straub

December 15, 2013

Journal Dump #011

After my bilateral mastectomy, 4 drains were installed, 2 on each side.

They don't hurt but they are a pain in the butt. 

The hospital sent me home with a spreadsheet to keep track of the amount of fluid that drains from each tube.  I was told that the drains need to stay in for about 10 days.  My drains were in for 22 days.  Yes, that means no shower for 22 days.  The risk of infection is too great.

Drainage Log Record is below if you need one!

Removing the drains didn't hurt, just felt a bit odd because I could feel the long tube on the inside, being pulled to the outside.  YUCK!

And if you have experience with drains, please feel free to add your story in the comments below.  I remember it being very helpful to me when I was searching the internet, to find several stories of experience.

JP Drains Shelly Straub

JP Drains Shelly Straub

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