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November 5, 2013

Journal Dump #003

The amount of information that came at me, in a very short amount of time was seriously overwhelming.  Save yourself the aggravation of searching for the last post-it note that you wrote your next appointment on... get a folder and a notepad and keep everything in it.

Everyone knows someone who has been through what you are going through... people in your life want to help. 

I had friends and family calling me non-stop, in an effort to help, to give me information on support groups, doctors, surgeons, cancer foundations, etc.  If no one called, I would have thought that no one cared.  So, with all the calls, I put all the information into my handy notebook and then with more information than one person can handle, I called Mom!  Asked her to look into some of the referrals and just let me know what to do.  While Mom has her own life to deal with, and a full time job that really appreciates her attention, she is my 'person'...  and therefore, she was more than willing to skip a lunch break and do a little research to ease my mind.

PHOTO:  My boobie folder, that is already bursting at the seams and it has only been 37 days since my first appointment.


UPDATE 6/30/2024: I made a binder for my Aunt Jan and Aunt Wendy who were just diagnosed with breast cancer, 10 years after me. You can find it on Amazon or download the pages and use them in your own boobie binder.



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