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Know Before You Go. Google Everything!

Google Everything Before Breast Cancer Surgery

November 28, 2013

Journal Dump #004

I was told by everyone who knew about my breast cancer that I was NOT to look up anything on the internet.  I was only to use certain websites to gather information.  Why?  Because there is a ton of false information out there, and a lot of the information you come across will scare you.

Here's what I say:  SCREW THAT!

I was scared to death anyway!  Duh!!  Someone just told me that I have cancer.  I went home and read everything I could find on the internet, and watched every youtube video that related to my situation.  Good or bad, I watched them all.  Yes, they scared me and I was a hysterical mess at one point.  But, I would still advise anyone in my position to research as much as possible.  Yes, go to the trusted websites, but also watch the video's of others and their stories.  Just keep in mind that what you are watching and reading is one person's story - not yours.

Why do I say GO SEARCH THE INTERNET?  Because when I went to my very first appointment after the biopsy, to talk with the doctor about having cancer and what my surgery options were, I was able to ask a TON of questions because of all the research I had done.  I saw some surgeries that had gone bad - and was able to ask the doctor about these types of cases. 

If you are having reconstructive surgery as well, make sure to watch as many videos as possible!  There are many options when it comes to this part of the surgery.  Know what you are getting yourself into.  Not all surgeons specialize in all the different options available. 

Knowledge is power!



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