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My Mastectomy Surgery Hospital Packing List

Mastectomy Packing List

December 7, 2013

Journal Dump #008

Today is Saturday and I am having my bilateral mastectomy on Monday.  I have driven myself crazy with the 16-page long to-do list and have finally realized that I just can't get everything done.  And truthfully, I don't need to.  The house is clean, the christmas decorating, shopping and wrapping is done, the kids have food... I guess it just feels like I will be gone for a lot longer than just a quick hospital stay.  With that being said, below is the packing list of what I am bringing to the hospital and what to have prepared at home upon return.

I am also making Christmas cookies today and plan to bring them to the hospital for my family and friends to munch on, while I am in surgery.  Because of the anesthesia, the surgery will be over in the blink of an eye for me - but for them, they have a very long 6-8 hour wait, until surgery is complete.

Bring to Hospital:

  • One bag

  • Open front pajamas

  • underwear or boxers for comfort

  • slippers

  • ipod or cell phone for music

  • earbuds for listening to music

  • chapstick (intubation tube might chap your lips)

  • throat lozenges (intubation tube might cause sore throat)

  • Health care proxy

  • Boobie folder with all medical info

List of items you will need at home after surgery:

  • Mastectomy pillow or bed wedge

  • open front pj's - Extra large

  • wet wipes to clean yourself

  • dry shampoo

I asked my girlfriend to create a playlist of songs in her phone, specifically for my hospital stay.  After surgery and after family and friends have gone for the day, I am looking forward to just relaxing with comforting songs I have picked out.  Music relaxes me.

Some of the songs on my playlist:

  • One Direction - Little Things

  • Jason Mraz - I won't give up

  • Aaron Lewis - Tangled up in you

  • Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

  • Ed Sheeran - The A Team

  • Matchbox 20 - I will

  • Mazzy Star - Into Dust

  • Jo Dee Messina - Bring on the rain

  • Shinedown - I'll Follow you

  • Matt Maher - Hold Us Together


Looking back at this list is nostalgic! ipod and earbuds... haha!

Mastectomy Packing List



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